O’er ample Nature I extend my views…

After a long dry spell (what’s three and a half years between friends), I finally migrated this blog off of LiveJournal and onto my own server… And I think I’m going to try posting again! Maybe not as aggressively as I once did, but, you know, baby steps.

So for all half-dozen or so of my avid readers out there, you don’t have to wait to get me seated in a bar at the next conference to know what I’m thinking about some ol’ scientific image or other. Just stop on my by! I’ll also keep y’all updated via Twitter (and by extension, Facebook) whenever I get around to posting something new here.

I’m also going to go back into older posts to clean up some broken links and inconsistent tags. So all in all, welcome to a new and improved “Visualizing Science: Seeing Science in Everyday Life.”

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