Visualizing Science

I just attended two conferences, back to back: the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ironically, held in Baltimore) and Pale Blue Dot III (in Chicago). Although I blogged about both Baltimore and Chicago, I left feeling dismayed on certain counts but also inspired, particularly by a talk given by Aaron Price. So what’s a guy to do but start another blog?

Okay, okay, okay, I already have two blogs, but they have issues. First off, I don’t blog well—in the sense that I tend to write full-blown essays, not concise little blog entries. And secondly, I tend to avoid contemporary science issues; doing science-y stuff as a job every day makes the latter less appealing, but I feel now that it’s part of my brain I need to exercise a bit. Thus, “Visualizing Science: Seeing Science in Everyday Life.”

We’ll see what happens next…

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